Tax Structure

In Hamilton, taxes go toward growing businesses. We are always available to listen to new ideas on how to best help your organization achieve the greatest growth possible.

Pro-business tax structure

A business-friendly tax environment is an absolute must in today’s economy. Thanks to our pro-business tax structure, financial incentives and a long list resources and programs, companies of all sizes are able to compete and grow. Ohio’s recent tax reform has lowered business tax burdens, eliminating taxes on inventory, corporate profit and investments in equipment.

If your company is serious about growing, take a closer look at what our city has to offer.

Local Taxes

The City of Hamilton collects a 2% income tax on earnings in the City of Hamilton. The Sales & Use Tax for Butler County is 6.25%.

Corporate income tax in the City of Hamilton is based a proportional share of net profit from the business, in proportion to percentage of the following three factors in comparison to total business operations and as defined in ORC Section 718.02: gross receipts/sales, wages/employment, and property (real and tangible personal).

Paying taxes is the responsibility of every business — it helps strengthen our people and our city. But it shouldn’t prevent entrepreneurs and established business from doing what they do best, and Hamilton has a business climate that encourages growth.

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