Through the support of the City of Hamilton and private donors, Hamilton will have 6 spraygrounds for the summer of 2017. There are spraygrounds at Crawford Woods,  Millikin Woods, Beninghofen Park, Jim Grimm Park, and LJ Smith Park. In 2017, there will be a sprayground added to the Booker T Washington center. Spraygrounds have become widely popular as a great summertime amenity that are less expensive to operate and maintain than a pool. A sprayground is a single level concrete slab on grade with interactive water spray features. Spraygrounds do not hold any standing water thus eliminating the need for lifeguard supervision. The slope of the pad allows the water from the features to drain into an underground reservoir where it is filtered and disinfected for reuse. Each of Hamilton’s spraygrounds contain thirteen water features that serve children of all ages.

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