Most Affordable Natural Gas

The City of Hamilton is consistently the most affordable natural gas provider in the State of Ohio. Being a municipally-owned utility, the City receives a prepaid discount on natural gas that only systems like ours can receive. With this discount, we are able to provide our customers with natural gas at a rate that is up to 40% less than Duke Energy customers.

Leaders in Natural Gas

Hamilton is a leader in maximizing the potential of natural gas, and the City has been forward-thinking in its use of Compressed Natural Gas, or CNG. On average, CNG is less expensive than gasoline or diesel fuel and has a number of other benefits. It is domestic (the U.S. has over a 100-year supply of natural gas), it is clean (natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel available today), and it is safe (it is the same natural gas used to heat homes and businesses).

Hamilton built the first public CNG fueling station in Greater Cincinnati in 2014. It is open to the public and the City is looking to partner with fleets interested in utilizing CNG. The City established its first partnership in 2015 with Rumpke. If you are interested in learning more about utilizing CNG for commercial or personal use, contact Underground Utilities at 513-785-7206.

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