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Moving Here Makes Sense

The logistics industry has been growing as global transit needs have become more complex and delivery requirements have become more aggressive. : A number of logistics companies have chosen Hamilton for their home. In recent years, the industry has made great gains to make logistics one of Hamilton’s key industries.

Why Hamilton? Access to workforce is a major factor because of the supply of college graduates in the area. Another reason is our regional location that allows trucking companies to access the majority of the country’s population in a short amount of time.

Industry Leaders

The American Standard

Amstan Logistics is a full service, asset based logistics company located in the Vora Technology Park. The company currently employs 90 people. The company has evolved from a private fleet for American Standard, Inc. in 1960 and has been growing ever since.

Cold storage growth

Interstate Warehousing, a cold storage warehousing company with eight locations around the country, announced that they would again be expanding their operations in Hamilton in 2014. The expansion includes an addition of 25 new jobs with a payroll of more than $900,000 and $3.1 million in new capital investment. In 2011, the company expanded its operations in Hamilton, pledging to create 25 new jobs and actually created 90. The 2014 improvements positioned the company for future expansions at the site.

Fast 500

ODW Logistics & Transportations Services was born at Hamilton’s business incubator and has seen exponential growth ever since. ODW is a leading provider of transportation management services and has recently moved into One Renaissance Center, Hamilton’s Municipal Building. They were outgrowing the incubator and were looking for new office space, including sites outside of Hamilton. The City met with ODW’s leadership to discuss what was occurring in Hamilton’s central business district, and at the end of the meeting the company’s leadership team determined they wanted to be a part of the excitement that was occurring in Hamilton. ODW LTS was named one of Inc. Magazine’s Fast 500 in 2013 as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States. In 2015, the company announced that it would be doubling in size over the next three years.