A Wealth of Options

Hamilton is composed of 17 distinct neighborhoods. Whether you are looking for a walkable urban core, a family-friendly traditional neighborhood, or a more secluded suburban neighborhood, Hamilton has something for everyone.

More than 220 years old, Hamilton has a long and storied past built upon the spirit of the pioneer. While we have long been established, that pioneering spirit has not faded. In fact, the city has reinvented itself many times over the years, from the 1913 flood to the 2008 recession. Hamilton’s past is one of invention, passion, and creativity, and the revitalization of our historic downtown is recent evidence.

10 Reasons Hamilton is on a Roll

Join us in all that Hamilton has to offer. You will find a City of Sculpture, arts, history, entrepreneurship, and much more. For more information about residential incentive programs, check out the page here.