Fast. Green. Stable.

Hamilton’s assets, which have for centuries made it a manufacturing hub, also make it attractive for the growing information technology industry. Our utilities, access to workforce, and proximity to major markets are important, but what truly sets Hamilton apart is our green and low-cost energy.

Why Hamilton?

Low & Stable Rates

Competitively priced and stable and our rates are projected to be stable for years to come.

Green Energy

50% of the energy our customers consume in Hamilton is from renewable sources

Superior Utility Infrastructure

Electric system is a platinum-level Reliable Public Power Provider

Hamilton is consistently among the most affordable providers of utilities in the entire state of Ohio and, due to long-term investments in hydroelectric, 70% of the load that our customers require can be supplied by our hydroelectric assets. This green energy does not come at a premium price. Because hydroelectric is a stable source of energy and is not directly impacted by the market fluctuations of other fuels, Hamilton’s electric rates have a proven track record of being competitively priced and stable and our rates are projected to be stable for years to come. Hamilton’s green energy is also reliable. Hamilton’s electric system provides world-class reliability to its customers. Hamilton’s electric system won the platinum-level award for Reliable Public Power Provider (RP3) from American Public Power Association in 2012, the 4th consecutive time the City of Hamilton has received this award. This award recognizes the top 5% of all public power providers for reliability, safety, system improvement, and workforce development.

Communication Technology Boom

In 2015, Hamilton’s information and communication technologies cluster grew significantly when international call center company STARTEK opened a customer service center in downtown Hamilton. Once the company is at full capacity, it will have almost 700 employees and run a 24 hour operation.

When Barclaycard decided to locate 1,500 jobs at Vora Technology Park in Hamilton later in 2015, Hamilton’s role in the communication technology industry in Southwest Ohio grew even larger. Barclaycard US is the payments business of Barclay’s in the United States. The new facility will be fully staffed by 2018.

Emerging Market

Hidden Gem

Vora Technology Park is one of the best locations in Southwest Ohio for information technology companies. The facility’s redundancy, power supply, and green features make it a great choice for a wide variety of companies.

Enterprise Portal Technology

Recognizing Hamilton’s unique assets, a number of information technology companies have located in Hamilton. Liferay, a fast-growing California-based technology company, opened its national sales office in the Robinson-Schwenn building in downtown Hamilton in 2013.

High-Availability Cloud Services

CenterGrid, a subsidiary of Ascendum Solutions IT, which offers high-availability hosting and cloud services to small, medium and enterprise clients, located at Vora Technology Park in 2013. The company has been growing and has partnered with local businesses to provide technology upgrades.