Fast? We’ve got fast. Like 10 Gbps fast.

Hamilton has an extensive fiber optic network that the City intends to utilize for economic development. The City has over 60 miles of city-wide, loop-fed fiber optics. Hamilton will be able to deliver cost-effective fiber broadband services to businesses, schools, government organizations, healthcare organizations and other community anchors, in conjunction with private telecommunications providers.

Reliability & Redundancy

The fiber optic network’s ring topology provides important distribution network redundancy, which is sometimes lacking in commercial broadband networks. In many cases, metropolitan fiber networks may contain ring redundancy in the major backbone segments, but only provide linear pathways in the distribution network down to local service zones. The topology of Hamilton’s network will offer redundancy throughout the majority of the distribution network as well.

The network’s core equipment will be equipped with redundant processing engines, fan trays, power supplies and trunk interconnects. Hamilton’s fiber network will provide dual-path connectivity from distribution nodes back into the core network to ensure redundancy and 50-millisecond rerouting during network issues.This provides overall higher reliability and improved service levels for customers connecting to the network.

Lane Technology Center

Last-Mile Fiber

Each service zone in the distribution layer has significant reach into Hamilton’s business and residential districts. In most cases, the existing fiber network overlays directly onto the pole infrastructure which will allow for easy and cost-effective transitions and interconnections with new last-mile fiber.

“The creation of the Lane Libraries Community Technology Center in the heart of downtown Hamilton required us to establish a fast WAN connection in a limited time frame. We feared an expensive, months-long construction project. We examined several commercial options, but returned to the City of Hamilton as a partner that had helped us in the past. We came to an agreement for a fiber connection that the City put in place for us in a matter of weeks (not months), priced at a level no one else could match. City workers were always accessible, responsive and patient. We work with many vendors at the Lane Libraries and we’re fortunate that the City of Hamilton is at the top of our list for performance and customer service.”

– Chip Kruthoffer, Systems Manager, The Lane Libraries

Network Maps & Service Area

Hamilton’s network covers the majority of the business corridors throughout the City. The maps below illustrate the general coverage area for the network, shaded in blue. These areas can generally be serviced by Hamilton last-mile fiber,however, individual builds will be evaluated by the City based on the specific service area and topography. Hamilton’s backbone maintains a ring topology to the majority of the service areas. Distribution and last-mile fiber may be redundant in some areas as well.