City of Hamilton, Ohio Food Truck Process

1) If you plan to be a street vendor on public property (streets, sidewalks, etc.) then you will need a street vendor’s license. If you vend from private property or are part of a festival or special event, you do not need a Street Vending license. The City of Hamilton Finance Department handles the Street Vending license. They are located at 345 High Street 7th Floor Suite 730. Email your application and/or questions to Whitney Flum or Julie Trabout at Download the application here.

  1. Finance requires a completed street vendor application and copy of driver’s license.
  2. The annual cost is $150 and expires on December 31 of the year it was issued.
  3. There should be evidence of having established a City income tax account if you plan to vend in the City of Hamilton for greater than 20 days in a calendar year.
  4. Proof of certificate of insurance (which includes general liability insurance and product liability insurance) naming the City of Hamilton as an additional insured required. Liability insurance is to guarantee at $1,000,000.
  5. Finance also needs a copy of the Food Service Operation License. This can be from another Ohio jurisdiction or the City of Hamilton.

2) The City of Hamilton Health Department issues food operation licenses and conducts food operation inspections. All food trucks, whether on public or private property or part of a special event, must comply with Health Department regulations. They are located in the same building on the 3rd floor suite 330. There are two types of licenses – Mobile and Temporary food operation licenses.

  1. A mobile food operation means a food operation that operates from a movable vehicle or portable structure that changes location. This license fee is $131.00.
  2. A temporary food operation means a food operation which operates at an event for no more than five (5) consecutive days. This license fee is $37.00.
  3. If the food operator currently has a mobile food operation license from another State of Ohio health jurisdiction then neither type of license from the City of Hamilton will be required. If you have questions regarding these types of food operation licenses, please contact the City of Hamilton Health Department at 513-785-7080. Mobile and temporary food operations are required to meet all applicable sections of the Ohio Food Safety Code Chapter 3717-1.

3) If you plan to set up in a metered parking space from 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday, the City of Hamilton requires a parking permit. Parking permits are $10 per day per space or $250 per year per food truck. You can get a parking pass from the Public Works Department, located on the 5th floor of the same building suite 520. You can purchase multiple individual days at one time.

4) Review the Street Vending Ordinance. Key points – No vending is allowed on High Street from the High-Main Bridge to Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Monday through Friday from 7 am to 6 pm. Food trucks must remain 100 ft away from the entrance of a restaurant unless the owner of the restaurant gives the food truck permission to set up closer.