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Your Success Could Be in Our Water

There are many reasons that a beverage business would be a good fit for Hamilton, but what makes Hamilton unique is our water. The Great Miami Aquifer yields in excess of 2,000 gallons of water per minute in wells near large streams. Hamilton has leveraged this high quality, abundant water system to serve the needs of its customers for over 100 years and has ample capacity to serve additional needs. Furthermore, our wastewater system was built to handle our large paper mills, so the wastewater issues the beverage industry faces in other communities are not an issue in Hamilton.

How important is the water to the beverage industry?
Very Important!

So important that MillerCoors chose to locate one its most modern breweries on top of the Great Miami Aquifer to brew 11 million barrels of beer each year near Hamilton in the community of Trenton, Ohio.


Celebrating Our Past

The City of Hamilton was once the home to a thriving brewing industry like the (then famous) Cincinnati Brewing Company, Water Street Brewing, and the Eagle Brewery. Each of these brewing companies, along with many others, continued to prosper and expand until prohibition closed legitimate markets for alcoholic beverages.

Cincinnati Brewing Company was founded by Peter Schwab. With that company name, he captured for his Hamilton brewery some of the prestige of the Queen City, recognized in the last half of the 19th century as one of the world’s finest brewing centers. In 1890, he advertised his Pure Gold brand as “the beer that made Milwaukee jealous” – a jab at his competitors in a city with a liking for German lager. The company continued to prosper and expand until Schwab’s death on Sept. 13, 1913. His successors stopped beer production in 1920, after Prohibition had closed legitimate markets for alcoholic beverages.

Toasting to Our Future


Synergy is Hamilton’s flagship beverage company. Located in Hamilton Enterprise Park, the company is a leader in the natural beverage flavoring industry. Synergy’s flavorings have a global presence and are found in foods, beverages and nutritional products. Synergy Flavors prides itself on innovation and supplies high quality flavorings, extracts and essences.

Municipal Brew Works

It was almost a century since the last breweries of Hamilton shut their doors and it is within this remarkable legacy that Hamilton welcomes Municipal Brew Works, the first craft brewery in 80 years, to the City. Municipal Brew Works opened in June 2016 and occupies the space which formerly housed the City’s fire department at The Hamilton Mill. Municipal Brew Works’ estimated starting production yields are around 2,500 barrels a year. Municipal Brew Works was formed by four founding partners, two of whom live in Hamilton; between them, they constitute nearly 50 years of collective brewing experience. For more information, check out their facebook page and the Journal-News article about their opening.


Quarter Barrel Brewery & Pub

Quarter Barrel Hamilton is located in a re-purposed goods store that has overlooked its corner by the Main Street bridge for over a century. The multi-level restaurant offers the choice to observe passers-by in the glass-wrapped microbrewery on the first floor, or watch the art of cooking from the chef’s dining table in the upstairs kitchen. Weather permitting, a rooftop patio offers all of the same service with views of downtown, the Great Miami River, and RiversEdge Amphitheater.

Let’s Sit Down Over a Drink

Interested in locating a beverage business in Hamilton? Whether you are a startup or a Fortune 500 company, we would love to talk to you. We have greenfield sites from 1 acre to 60 acres and we have many buildings that would be ideal for your beverage business. Contact us at 513-785-7070