A New Wave of Manufacturing

Hamilton has long been a center of industry. Manufacturing continues to remain very important to the economic base and advanced manufacturing is a growing component of this industry. Advanced manufacturers are drawn to Hamilton for a number of reasons. Our utilities, access to workforce, and proximity to major markets are important, but what truly sets Hamilton apart is our green and low-cost energy. Hamilton is consistently among the most affordable providers of utilities in the entire state of Ohio and, due to long-term investments in hydroelectric, 50% of the power Hamilton Utilities generates is from renewable energy.

Manufacturing continues to remain very important to the economic base and advanced manufacturing is a growing component of this industry. Specific areas of expertise in Hamilton include metalworking and machinery, automotive parts and components, plastics and chemicals, aerospace, and electric and electronic components. 13.7% of Hamilton’s workforce is in the manufacturing, transportation, and wholesale trade sectors (ESRI Community Analyst).

Locational StrengthsWe are here for you

Access to the U.S. population

Access to U.S. Purchasing Power

Access to U.S.‘s manufacturing establishments

Renewable Energy

Savings from Natural Gas

Low Cost Green Energy

Hamilton’s utilities have been a major draw for high energy users. Hamilton is an ideal location for advanced manufacturers because of its ample electric capacity, superior reliability, and its ability to provide this electricity at or below market rate with the added value that comes with renewable energy. Hamilton has been able to keep rates low and stable and, because of its diverse energy sources and over half million dollar investment in clean hydroelectric power not subject to market fluctuations, Hamilton projects stable rates for years to come.

Automobile Parts Leader

A number of large manufacturers located or expanded in Hamilton recently. ThyssenKrupp Bilstein of America, a manufacturer of automobile parts which is headquartered in Hamilton, expanded in 2011 & 2013 and announced another expansion in 2014. The most recent project includes a $26 million capital investment and 214 new jobs. ThyssenKrupp Bilstein is Hamilton’s largest manufacturing employer. In 2011, TKBA employed 185 at their Hamilton headquarters. The company currently employs 800 people.

P&G Innovation

In 2013, iMFLUX, a plastics processing subsidiary of P&G, announced it would be locating in Hamilton with plans to relocate their 30 current employees and create 221 jobs within three years. The project has created $17.5 million in new payroll. The company invested $50 million in capital improvements as part of this project.

Automotive Supplier Growth

Valeo, a global automotive parts supplier, expanded in 2013. Valeo announced the addition of 105 new jobs to its Hamilton facility. The company now employs 240 people. The project included a $15 million capital investment.

Metalworking & Industrial Machinery

This industry remains one of the City’s strongest industry sectors. Metal fabricators and machinery companies include Hamilton Caster & Manufacturing, Salvagnini USA, Livingston-Tyler, Matandy Steel & Metal Products, General Electric Aviation, Armor Metal Group, Climax Products Group, Fabridigm, Ryerson Tull Coil Processing, Thompson Metal Tubing, JN LinRose, Tipco Punch, Gerdau Ameristeel and United Performance Metals.

Automotive Parts & Accessories

There are a number of Hamilton companies involved in the manufacturing of original and after-market automotive parts and components, including ThyssenKrupp Bilstein Corporation of America, Valeo Climate Control, Neturen America (Japanese joint venture) and Dynamic Controls.

Plastics, Plastic Products & Chemicals

Companies located in Hamilton, involved in this growing industry include VinylMax Windows, PlasTanks, Eagle Chemicals, Kathom Manufacturing, Terry Materials and UNIVAR. Due to the City’s very competitive electric rates, it is expected that this is an industry that will grow further in the City.